I’ve told myself a 1000 times over the past two years, “Rhachelle you need to write something”. But it seemed like at every attempt the words just wouldn’t come together. My heart had been shattered into 1000 pieces and those pieces weren’t coming together yet to tell the story of how I survived the heartbreak.

I was looking for a story but instead it was just…a chapter ended, maybe it had been omitted from Sunday Mourning. But in actuality a season had changed. No longer a co-star to my life story but the director and producer. If I have learned anything, life and death are in the power of the tongue and my pen is an extension of the words unspoken. So I turn the page on my pain and turn up the volume on all of life’s Joy.

Change your focus…Change your life

I believe on the other side of devastation is Joy. One of my favorite movies, Inside Out, reminds me that in order to truly know Joy one must experience great sadness. While I’m thankful for the experience, I’m no longer focused on what brought me pain and waiting for my rainbow. I’m fighting for and focusing on the people and things in my life that bring me Joy. When you’ve fought so hard for love, Joy and peace in your life and you finally find that true source of Joy and you keep taping into it; it feels limitless and never ceases to amaze you…that’s Mad Joy.

I’m excited about this next season in my life. I’m ready to live out the chapters.