English: New Year's Resolutions postcard

English: New Year’s Resolutions postcard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where did the time go? 2012 introduced so many opportunities, some seized and others re-evaluated and passed over.  I did not begin the year with a list of resolutions but clear goals and a plan.  Instead of focusing on what I no longer would do, I shifted my focus to what I wanted and what I would do to accomplish it.  So I am going to bring in 2013 the same way.  Here are few things that I have started doing now in order to ensure they are engraved in my memory in 2013.

Starting My Work Day Earlier vs Working Later

I have been working on a new sleep schedule.  I am a night owl and sometimes insomnia gets the best of me.  However, long nights don’t work with early mornings.  I have noticed that staying up late makes it that much harder for me to start my day in the morning.  So for the past week or so I have been working towards starting my day at 5;30am and ending my work day around 9pm.  Let me tell you my mind thinks it is a great idea but my body hates it.  They say it takes 30 days to make something a habit so I am glad I am starting early.

Lunch For Two

Typically lunch is spent either at home with my 3 and 4 year old or we go out for lunch.  I have officially gotten my 3 and 4 year old addicted to sushi, greek olives, feta cheese and Pho, just to name a few of our favorites lunch items.  You would think that the three of us were having some sort of master mind business meetings once the bill comes to the table.  Well in 2013, I will still be going to lunch but the 3 and 4 year will be going to a sitter and I will be meeting with other business minded individuals, to brainstorm, re-focus, strategize and plan.

Creating Balance

For the past two years almost three, I have conducted a great majority of my business online.  I have built some phenomenal relationships with women all across the world.  These relationship have grown even offline to frequent phone conversations.  Now in 2013, I plan to do a little more traveling and organizing meet ups, interacting a lot more locally and balance my online interactions with my offline interactions.

So many changes are coming in 2013 and I might as well plan for them.  I am focusing on the do’s and not the don’t’s.  I started the year with a clear vision.  I wanted to start a t-shirt line and now looking back I did just that.  I must say I was reluctant at first and didn’t know how it would go but it was the best risk I could have ever taken.  I started taking my writing even more serious than before and began quite a few new features to the site.  RN Series and Author Interviews stretched me and also helped rediscover a passion.  I began writing for a local newspaper which has created even more opportunities.  I am going into the New Year with endless possibilities, full of energy and a plan.

What are some of your do’s for 2013?

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