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A few months ago, my brother gave me some photos that he had taken my senior year in college. I hadn’t seen these photos in years but they brought back so many joyous memories. Memories that included travel, family and adventure. As I looked a little more at the photos, I began reconnecting with the young lady I was at that time, the dreams and goals that pushed me and the fearlessness that drove me. It also made me reflect on who and what was important to me then. During those years, everything in my life seemed to align no matter what tried to distract. Isn’t that Joy? Living life to the fullest with those you love that not even a distraction could detour you. Well I had it then and there is no reason I can’t have it now.

Can you tell I loved shopping in Zimbabwe

I found joy in these areas of my life but I had to pay attention to the details.

1. Family – I love family, family dinners, family gatherings, family vacations, etc. wherever there is family that is always where I want to be. The young lady in me had to grow up and realize that family is not always blood, but instead those who you can be your authentic self around, those that push you to achieve your wildest dreams, correct you when you are wrong (not shame you) and give you a reference point to when life was good.

My father and I on graduation day

2. Travel – Traveling has also been relaxing to me, the change of scenery and no pressure. The opportunity to see the world through the eyes of others, taste new food and explore. Some of those pictures were from a trip to Zimbabwe that I had taken after graduating college. I remember how important it was for me to go on that trip and the impact that it had. It made me grateful for everything I had and more aware of the sacrifices that had been made to afford me such opportunities.

3. Food – I love to eat. Simple as that, I love to try new foods. My rule is that I will try anything once. I mean how do you think I survived in Zimbabwe for three weeks. I love gathering friends and family together to cook. Don’t let the small frame fool you.

4. Music – Music is a language that’s universal. It meets you where you are and brings you back to where should be.

What brings you joy? Do you look through old pictures to reflect on joyous moments and keep those images in front of you when life attempts to distract you? I want to hear from you. Leave a comment

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