As little girls, we fantasize about finding our Prince Charming, having the fairytale wedding, living happily ever after and experiencing the joys of childbirth and entering the world of motherhood. For some the blue print is clear and the steps are ordered. For others some steps are skipped, others prolonged and for a few motherhood ends up being more of a burden than a joy.

I’m entering a new season in my life, though I’ve been a mother for almost 10 years, there were and are so many things that I had not learned until now. I realize that the love my mother showed me was the only love she knew to give. However, I know its not the love I want to show towards my children. Love is patient, love is kind and those qualities can’t be bought. I’ve replaced the material items, with more quality time spent, instructions given and structure set.

I am mature enough now to realize that I do not have all the answers and will not do everything perfect the first time around. I became a mother, before I became a woman, yes I was an adult by definition, but I was immature in my understanding of life, love and family. So as I venture down a little further on my journey, I am going to share my experiences as a mother making changes. I’m breaking old habits and making new ones. They say it only takes 30 days, so for the next 30 days I am going to do a post a day.

What are some changes that you want to see? Or have you experienced any growing pains as a mother? Please share.

~Mother 2 Mother building relationships of accountability and trust with all roads leading to love.~