I began the 21 day challenge of gratitude over a week ago and I must say so much has transpired since I started.  I received some phenomenal news from a non-profit organization I was hoping to partner with.  Every financial need and obligation that I had was met and a new project was launched.  Wow, right!  But more importantly, what I have realized is the power of my own thoughts about myself and my circumstances.  I have shifted my outlook from one of lack to one of abundance; my glass is half full.

Gratitude puts you in a position to receive more because you are using and appreciating what you have which causes it to increase.  I can remember when I first began this blog.  I didn’t have a computer.  I had a blackberry that allowed me to download the free app and upload my post.  I was excited just to have that access and made complete use of it until I was blessed with the means to purchase a laptop.  My point is, be thankful for what you have and have the faith to believe that better is on the way.  If you can’t appreciate what is right in front of you, how can you possibly be prepared to receive what you have been expecting.

Have a Happy Monday and continue being thankful.