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“It is my desire that my transparency bear witness to God’s faithfulness and his power to transform and renew lives.”

Rhachelle Nicol’ – Mother, author, writer, speaker and advocate are just a few of the hats that she wears. She often tells her readers, “Whatever you do, don’t stop writing.”  As a little girl, she had aspirations of becoming a business owner, but didn’t realize that writing could be the driving force to help her attain that dream.

Rhachelle Nicol’, a Northern California Bay Area native, attended San Francisco State University, where she majored in Clinical Psychology.  Born and raised into a family that worked with developmentally disabled adults, Rhachelle Nicol’ always had a heart of compassion for those in need of advocacy and care but was also inspired by the entrepreneur spirit of both her mother and father. She has worked with children and adolescents since 1997, when she began volunteering in San Francisco elementary school special education programs.  Her love for serving underprivileged and disadvantaged children took her to Zimbabwe during the Summer of 2000 for three weeks after graduating with her Bachelors degree.  Rhachelle Nicol’ has also worked with families as a Caseworker for the Department of Family Services, ensuring the safety of children in foster care while working with parents to reunify children back with their families.

Through her studies in Psychology, she developed an interest in understanding the motivations of people from a marketing perspective. It was then that she realized that she had a passion and natural gift for Marketing.   Rhachelle Nicol’ was navigating her career journey while also being a single mother to a growing family – and holding on to a toxic relationship. She worked full time and part time to help support her family while also working toward her Master’s degree in Marketing. In 2003 Rhachelle Nicol’ began doing promotional marketing as a brand ambassador for various companies.

In the winter of 2003, Rhachelle Nicol’ was rushed to the ER. At 24 years of age, tests were run for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. For six weeks, she was in and out of the hospital without a  diagnosis.  During that time she began writing. In 2004, she launched her own monthly, faith-based newsletter, The Good News!  Born Rhachelle Nicol’ Johnson, she decided to drop her last name when writing, letting her craft precede her family name. The publication was well received by her Northern California community and businesses supported it by purchasing advertisements.

In 2005, Rhachelle Nicol’ found herself back in her toxic relationship and expecting child #3. Having been raised in the church, she could not deal with the shame of being once again pregnant, out of wedlock. She found herself walking away from the church and, ultimately, her writing.  She continued to work in sales and marketing – but it wasn’t enough. In 2007 Rhachelle Nicol’ was at one of the lowest places in her life, feeling hopeless and helpless.  A week after her 28th birthday, she would attempt to take her own life. She had been silently suffering from verbal, emotional and financial abuse and just wanted out.

Rhachelle Nicol’ found her way back to writing and vowed to never put her pen down again. When she returned to writing, the motivation came from a desire to reflect, heal and find her way back to the woman that she had lost. Her writing became a memoir, Sunday Mourning, released in 2011, and she began building the Rhachelle Nicol’ online persona and RN Brand. In her writing, she not only reflects on her abusive relationship but also on her upbringing. “It was very hard for me to put it all in writing. I cried at times and sometimes I just couldn’t bring myself to write anymore. But it became my way of healing.”  Initially, she didn’t want to release the book because she did not know how her friends and family would receive it. She began signing each book with “I show my scars so that others know they can heal”.

Now, that quote has brought reassurance to her and thousands of other women who have embraced it.  Rhachelle Nicol’ went on to use t-shirts to brand her message and by the beginning of 2012 a movement was born.  “I have received many emails from young women who have been victims of domestic violence – or just life in general – thanking me for my transparency and sharing my story.  If I can empower women to leave an abusive situation or share their story to increase awareness, then I will continue to show my scars.”

When Rhachelle Nicol’ is not interviewing authors, hosting celebrity virtual press conferences or planning local events, she is a freelance writer for The Answer Newspaper, a faith-based newspaper in Las Vegas, Nevada and a Transitional Employment Specialist at Goodwill Industries in Northern California where she resides with her children.

Rhachelle Nicol’ brings a fresh and innovative approach to Marketing and PR. Her desire is to create a platform for up and coming Gospel artist, Christian authors, Community Organizations and more.

CONTACT: rn@rhachellenicol.com

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