My Scars Chat video cover

The first My Scars Chat took place last weekend in Las Vegas, NV. 50+ plus men and women gathered to discuss a very sensitive topic that is not talked about enough, Domestic Violence. The transparency that each attendee and panelist showed was amazing and confirmation of this very necessary dialogue that was long overdue. The feedback has not stopped coming in and trust me I am planning for the next My Scars Chat.

We cried, we laughed and we showed our scars. Please watch the video, though it is just a portion of the days events, it still speaks volumes. A very wam thank you goes out to Jess Flo for her opening spoken word. Thank you to all the phenomenal panelist, Dina Neal, Nancy Hunterton, Rebecca Ferriera, Leisa Moseley, Darren Thames and Rodney Smith. Rodney you wore multiple hats and each was greatly appreciated. Thank you Daja (No Boiz Allowed), Tina, Tavi and Jess Flo, together we are Black Girls Inspired.

“I show my scars so that others know they can heal.” Someone needs to see your scars!

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