“Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10

Being still can sometimes be the hardest thing to do. We search for answers, seek out advice but we rarely ever take the time to just be still. I am not saying to stop and do nothing, but having that confidence and surety that it is all working together for your good.

I was convinced that my time here in Nevada was up. I was ready to start making plans to leave. But God’s plans are not our plans and his thoughts are not our thoughts. I am here on assignment. When I first arrived here, some four and a half years ago, I wrote a program designed to provide services to adolescents on through adulthood. I researched the statistics for the City and also the services that were currently being offered. What I didn’t do was go forward with the vision that had been given. Instead, I allowed it to lay dormant.

Well last year when all hell was breaking loose, it was that written vision that came back to my remembrance. I had been instructed to do something and I hadn’t been obedient. But after three years of putting it off, I had no choice but to start making it plain. I began writing again, I wrote and I wrote some more. I began networking, making phone calls, sending emails and asking questions. I was determined. That same determination and motivation pushes me further each day. Even on my worst of days, I know that God is still in control.

Be still and know…I am assured that in the midst of the storm, God will calm the seas. In the midst of a battle, He will defeat the giant that desires to take me out. When I am lonely He will be my comforter. In my times of need He will be a very present help. He has begun a good work in me and He will see it through to it’s completion.

Be Still and Know