RN Brand Design LogoIt is quite natural to want to explore other avenues and opportunities while building your brand.  By adding more products and services to your brand, you can build more relationships, extend your reach and experience some positive growth.  With every new product or service added to your brand, you have to take the time to ensure that your message and goal become even clearer.  The clearer you are about your brand, the clearer those who are searching for your products or services will be.

Here is a list of 3 things you can do to grow your brand and 1 of the benefits:

Re-brandingI have gone through the process of re-branding once since I initially launched my site.  In fact, I will be undergoing the process again soon.  My initial focus was branding myself as an author, gaining an audience and writing.  I wrote about some of the topics that were discussed in my book without giving away what the book was about.  I peaked the interest of my readers and eventually released my book.  My initial brand served its purpose but there were still other avenues that I wanted to explore and opportunities that opened up as a result of being a published author.  So instead of remaining in the author box, I re-branded.  It was easy to do and the progression was natural.  I went where my audience was taking me.  Re-branding is not just the process of coming up with a new logo or brand colors.  When I first started, I didn’t even have a logo.  In some cases, your entire mission or goal may change.  It is about evolving.  I started off trying to reconnect with myself and in the process of connecting with me, I connected with others that were looking for a way to do the same.

Listen:  Listen to the needs of those who you desire to serve.  Before I even started the process of re-branding, my audience was asking questions that were reflective of where I was going.  I was asked “How do I start my blog?”  “How do I write a book and self-publish?” Then as my brand began to evolve, “How do I get t-shirts done?”  This was all before the launch of the RN Brand.  This put me at ease because I knew it would not come as a shock to anyone.  It also made it easier to introduce new products and services to my brand.  The next wave of services that are introduced will be hands on, one-on-one services.

New Products/Services:  Brand growth should bring new opportunities and expansion.  However, to make sure your brand maintains its cohesiveness, make sure the new products and services mesh with your overall brand message.  RN Series was introduced in order to answer questions that were being asked and provide a resource.  I simply began writing about what I learned.   I then introduced t-shirts that incorporated the message from my book into the graphics and message on the shirts.  Those that had bought my book made sure to also purchase the shirt(s).  Some were introduced to the shirt(s) prior to being aware of my book but once the connection was made they too added my book to their library.  So the introduction of the t-shirts also increased my brand awareness and opened up partnership opportunities.

The Benefit – Partnerships: As your brand continues to grow, others may reach out to partner with you, creating a win-win.  I have the opportunity to partner with domestic violence shelters and other community organizations that share a similar message but do not have a product to sell.  These opportunities have been turned into fundraising campaign with a portion of the proceed benefiting the organization.  I am also now a staff writer for a local newspaper.

Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box.  Have you considered re-branding?  What’s holding you back?