With so many types of communication and social media leading the way, I wasn’t surprised that once again I would discover the news of a family member passing away via facebook.  Insensitive right, I know.   However, social media has become a way for so many of us to deal with some of life’s experiences.  We pull from the support of those whom we have come to know virtually.  I get it, but nothing should ever substitute those who we can physically lean on or cry on each other’s shoulder. 

I’ve been in Las Vegas, NV now for almost 5 years and have lost some very important people in my life.   My dad passed away 3 years ago this February 15th and though time is suppose to heal all wounds, I am still patching my heart up.  But each time I suffer another loss, it serves as a reminder.  With the passing of my grandfather (paternal) two days ago, that wound is open just a little.  Not being in the same City let alone State as my family has made me appreciate them even more.  I look forward to the phone calls, the pictures added to their facebook albums, but most of all the face to face visits. 

So here is the part that I hope I can trust you on.  Can I trust you to pick up the phone and call a loved one that you haven’t spoken to in a while?  Can I trust you to forgive that person that may have wronged you?  Can I trust you to be kind to your neighbor?   You never know what they are going through.  Can I trust you to give to someone that may be in need?  The one thing that I have learned, is that I don’t want any regrets.  Each person that has made the transition over the past year, I was given an opportunity to spend some time with them.  My grandfather got to see my children and even play with my youngest son who shares his name this past summer.  The pictures that were taken are priceless.

We have all been blessed with a moment of time called life.  I am trusting you to make the most of it. 

“Building relationships of accountability and trust, with all roads leading to love.” RATL

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