I Show My Scars Reflection

A few days ago, I posed a challenge on my Facebook page:

I want to try something with you all this evening. “I show my scars so that others know they can heal.” God gave me this after I finished writing my book, Sunday Mourning. It was as if He was answering my question, “Why me?” now I want you to finish this sentence in your own words. “I show my scars…” leave it in the comments, then post it on your status, use the hashtag ‪#‎MyScars‬ then end with “Someone needs to see your scars…” 

The responses were amazing and inspiring:

“I show my scars so others know that they are worthy of love.” ~ Nicole

“I show my scars so others know there is beauty in pain and triumph in tribulation.” ~ Shonta

“I show my scars to let others know that we’re overcomers and through Gods power we have the ability to heal from all past hurts and pain.” ~ Sheila

“I show my scars so other people know they don’t have to suffer alone in silence. So they can see that all struggles and sacrifices simply help one grow, relate & represent those who haven’t yet found their voice. ” ~ Ciara

I spend a lot of time reflecting and it is in those moments that I can appreciate where I’ve been and how far I’ve come.  I didn’t allow my scars to dictate how far I could go but I let them serve as a reminder of how determined I am to fulfill my destiny.  Now I want to do something similar will my fellow bloggers.  I want you all to write a post and begin your post with “I show my scars…” and let your readers know why you show your scars.  At the very end of your post, include the words “Someone needs to see your scars…”  Let’s make this challenge spread like wildfire.  Someone is suffering in silence and your scars may be the very thing they need to see to know they can and will heal.  Leave your links in the comments.

Why do you show your scars?

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