So I have all the mental energy that a woman, mother, sister or any other human needs to take a bad habit and turn it in to a past memory. What I lack is a consistent sleep pattern, sigh.

Last night was a complete success; the children (my 3 and 4 year old at least) were in bed and sleep by 8:30pm. I let the older two (7 and 9) stay up a little later. My two-year old wouldn’t compromise for anything. But the house was still peaceful enough for me to relax. But just like any other night, there were still countless things that interrupted my relaxation. I completed the cover letter to my resume and sent it off to a job (faith without works is dead, right). I was drawn into social media like I am every other night and subsequently still found myself getting to bed after 12 midnight.

I don’t think my sleeping late would be a problem if it was uninterrupted. However, every night (and I can count on one hand the nights I haven’t) I wake up between the hours of 3 and 4am. Some nights are easy for me to get back to sleep and others not so much. But I pay for it every morning and so do my oldest sons.

I’ll just say I am a little cranky in the morning. I wake them up to get them ready for school. I attempt to crawl back into bed to get a few more minutes of sleep, praying that the little ones are not awaken by all the talking and arguing between my sons. My boys finally are dressed and they are out the house to meet our neighbor for their morning ride to school. The house is typically quiet but now I have one eye open and one eye shut attempting to read updates and statuses on facebook and twitter.

Is it obvious already that this routine is dreadful? Not to mention, I have to consume some form of caffeine to get me going. So starting tonight, I am tweeking my schedule a bit. I am going to bed by 10pm (I am praying). I will force myself to stay in the bed if I am awakened and I will turn my phone off so that I am in no way tempted to check in on any updates.

A mommy needs her sleep. What are some natural ways that you make sure you get a full nights rest? I could use some healthy suggestions. Please leave your comments.