This image shows the view from the carpark &qu...

This image shows the view from the carpark “Rest and be Thankful” near Arrochar in Scotland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is amazing when we choose to focus our attention on the positive things in our lives the negative becomes insignificant.   One thing in math that I remember learning is that no matter how big the  number was behind the negative numbers, it was still less than 1.  So if you have one positive in your life, it is greater than all the negatives.  And if you are reading this post right now, well you are already one up.

The Gratitude Challenge, as outline in the book, suggest 3 areas to focus on in my life that I could express gratitude.  The 3 areas I chose are: Family, Provision and Purpose.

Family:  I have 5 beautiful children, who I love dearly and they love me.  They keep me motivated and on my toes.  I am thankful that God entrusted me to teach, nurture and guide them.  Every morning, I have 5 reasons to keep going.

Provision: Sometimes we don’t see the how or the when, but God always provides for us in our times of need.  A lot of times it is after the need has been met that I realize that God was orchestrating it all along.  We often hear, “His vision, His Provision”.  At times, I have wanted to quit.  I doubted the vision that God had given.  I thought surely God would not give me a vision that would cause my children and I to suffer but he has provided every step of the way.  He has kept a roof over our head, provided food to eat and continues to meet our needs.  I am thankful for every door that was closed and every door that is opening.  Truly my steps have been ordered and God continues to go before me.

Purpose:  I thank God for purpose.  When I have desired to throw in the towel, it is purpose that tells me to get back in the ring and keep fighting.  I was talking to a friend the other day and I told her everyday I want to quit.  We laughed, because not only have I wanted to quit, but everyday I want to pack up my things and move back to California.  But God opens up a huge door that keeps me planted here in Las Vegas, NV to serve.

What are you thankful for?