It’s night like these, when I find myself wanting to write but the thoughts and words don’t always seem to come together. My heart is filled with praise, but how do you write about your praise. Well, I guess we will soon find out.

Lord I thank you for keeping me, when I wasn’t able to keep myself. I thank you for keeping my mind. Lord I take nothing for granted and I take no credit for what is or what is yet to come. All I can say is “Thank You” and “Yes Lord”. No matter what may my way, you have shown me that in you I am more than a conquerer. You have shown me that little is so much when I place it in your hands.

I thank you for breathing life back into me when I tried to end it by my own hands. Lord if it wasn’t for your power, grace and love, I don’t know where I would be. The very least I can do is praise you, for you are God alone. I must stretch my hand out to those in need; I must serve.