April 24th

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It will almost be a year since I began blogging the journey that I was committed to embarking on last year. I actually enjoy re-reading some of my post, especially when I am not in the mood to forgive or when I have lost sight of the vision. I must say when you put things in writing you have no choice but to follow through on them. At times, I thought to myself this is more painful than liberating, but I can honestly say that I feel freer than I ever have in my entire life.

Now I must shift gears. I have always had a hard time talking about myself, which some may call marketing. But I am going to maintain the same focus that I began with, not on me but the transformation, that HE has done in me. I have gone from a victim to a victor, from a writer to an author, from a listener to a speaker and none of which I could have ever done on my own. One things is for certain, I was obedient.

Some may ask the question, “Who is the attended audience for your book, “Sunday Mourning”? My response would be anyone who has ever said the church was full of hypocrits, pointless and had walked away feeling hurt. I went through that same pain and hurt, I was so focused on what the people were doing that I could not maintain my focus on what GOD can and will do for those who truly seek him. So as I step out on faith and allow to you take the journey through some of the most painful, difficult and transformational moments in my life, I pray that it motivates you to press through any obstacle that life brings you and know that HE has not and never will leave you or forsake you. “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” Psalm 46:1