With everything that I was going through, I had forgotten about the wedding invitation that had come in the mail. It had been 4 years since my parents divorced. My relationship with my father still wasn’t back to how it use to be and I hadn’t even met his soon-to-be-bride. I didn’t appreciate finding out about her through a wedding invitation; I hadn’t even considered attending.

“Hello, Rhachelle,” it was my daddy calling. “Yes.” I responded. “What happened to you? You missed the wedding.” Did he really want to know why I didn’t attend? I think he would have been upset if I was getting married and he found out when the invitation came in the mail. I let him have it. “You could have at least called and introduced me to her before you sent me an invitation. How can I support something when I don’t even know the other person? You obviously weren’t concerned about how I felt, so I didn’t think it would matter that I hadn’t attended.” I didn’t even pause to let him interject. I was furious. “Baby girl, I’m happy and I didn’t know how you would feel and I didn’t want any issues from your mother.” He always used my mother as an excuse, I guess he forgot that was his ex wife. “You know I don’t get along with mom, so why would I even talk to her about you.” This conversation was going nowhere. I guess all those years of him being unhappy in an attempt to keep our family together had in the end made him a little selfish. There really wasn’t much more for me to say. I just wanted to get off the phone. “Well dad, I’m going to let you go. Love you.” “Love you too baby girl, bye.” “Bye daddy.” Our conversations became less frequent and more distant. I guess I pushed him away also to deal with the pain. Not realizing that all those years he had been my covering. I was now left with no covering and no real understanding of love.