Today during Easter service, my niece performed a praise dance to Here I Am by Marvin Sapp. As I listened to the lyrics the tears just began to flow:

“Here I am, I’m still standing, here I am after all I’ve been through*
I’ve survived every toil and every snare I’m alive I’m am alive here I ohhh

There were times when I almost gave up and I’ve cried and said Lord it’s too much. El Shaddai , He was there all the time by his grace he is keeping me alive. By his (grace and mercy I’m still standing, standing.) I’m standing in the presence of the almighty with (power and a testimony ahhh) I standing here today with one thing to say (Lord I thank you, Thank you)”

On today, I can say that I am still standing after all I’ve been through, because of the blood that was shed on calvary. And because death couldn’t keep him in the grave, I am more than a conquerer. He is living in me and through me and has given me power and a testimony.

Sunday Mourning is here!!!! If you have not already done so, you can order your copy by clicking on any of the covers throughout the site.

Thank you to everyone that has post a comment, sent an email, text, etc. I believe you will truly enjoy this book in its entirety. There is so much more to discover about me and the process that I went through to turn that Mourning into Joy.

Be Blessed,

Rhachelle Nicol’