Dear Blogalicious,

Wow, has the time passed at a speed that I am still trying to catch up to. I still remember last year’s Blogalicious’12 Conference as if it were yesterday. Blogalicious’12 took place right here in Las Vegas, NV. I was a last minute attendee but like the saying goes “better late than never”. I was so eager to learn and take in as much information as possible.

I remember telling my friend, “I’m going to be on that stage next year speaking”. When you set a goal and follow through with it anything can happen. I am excited to be sitting on a panel with 3 phenomenal women at this year’s #Blogalicious5, discussing “Spreading a Message, Sharing a Mission: A Conversation About Awareness Blogging.” The topic alone is very dear to my heart and the opportunity to share with others is priceless. We all write about sensitive topics while bringing awareness. Jenee Darden, whom I got the pleasure of meeting at last year’s conference, will be the facilitator. She is an award-winning journalist from the Bay Area, being from my home State quite naturally it was like we had known each other forever. She writes about mental health and also works as a mental health advocate. Lisa Quinones-Fontanez is the founder of AutismWonderland, an award winning blog, that Lisa uses to chronicle her families journey with autism and share resources. Christine Koh is the founder and editor of Boston Mamas, a lifestyle parenting portal and wears many hats. She has been featured on multiple media platforms, The New York Times, ABC News and Fox 25 just to name a few. So I guess it is safe to say I am in good hands. These ladies rock!


I walked away from last year’s conference inspired beyond belief. I am now counting down the hours until I clock out from my day job and board my flight headed to Atlanta. I think I actually clocked out on Monday because all I have been able to think about is #Blogalicioius5. I can’t wait to share with you all upon my return. But until then, you all keep showing your scars!

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