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If you guessed my Blogiversary, then you would be absolutely right.  I can’t believe it’s been three years.  At times, I didn’t know what to say, how it would be received or whether or not I should continue on with this journey.  But I’m glad I stuck with it.  When I started blogging, I was going through something.  I didn’t know what direction I was headed but I knew I couldn’t go back down the road that had ended.  But on today, I can say both mentally and spiritually that what I was going through and the place I was in is over.

I realized that there is too much in this life to enjoy than there is to beat myself up over.  I found that it is better to forgive than to hold a grudge.  It is more important for me to love than to judge.  I’ve learned what matters the most to ME.

I am blessed.  And being certain of that alone makes life worth living.  I am excited about what this next year of blogging will bring, the growth that will come with the journey and if I can inspire just one then it will all be worth it.

“I show my scars so that others know they can heal.”

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