James FortuneOn October 23rd, it was reported that Grammy nominated gospel singer James Fortune was arrested for assault against a family member.  The details surrounding the situation were vague not letting on to who Fortune had assaulted.  Fortune was released the next day posting a $20,000 bond.  Since the news first broke more details are being reported and identifying the victim as Fortune’s wife.  He is being charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.  The details are also stating that Fortune’s wife may have suffered from a broken or fractured leg or pelvis after bring struck with a barstool.  You can read more here

As a domestic violence advocate, I often say that domestic violence does not discriminate against one’s faith, gender, socioeconomic status, sexuality or age.  I am sure that quite a few people also wonder why I always have a Pastor on the My Scars Chat panel discussion.  I think it is very important for the faith community to be equipped in handling domestic violence and also connected to the domestic violence organizations in their community.  We can not turn a deaf ear or blind eye to those within the pews or in the pulpit because of the title they carry when someone’s life could be in danger.

I pray the James Fortune gets the help that he needs and that his family can also begin the healing process.  You never know how long this may have been going on but I pray for his wife that she finds strength and peace to carry on.  No one should ever be subjected to such treatment.  If you know someone that may be experiencing domestic violence, please do not hesitate to reach out and encourage them to seek the necessary help, prayer is always needed but a way of escape can save a life.

I want to share some of the lyrics of Fortune’s song Identity:

Sitting here alone thinking of you
I’m blown away
You never gave up on me
Time after time I let you down
So caught up and focused on me
My own desires get in the way
I should be finding my purpose in you
So I can be what you have for me

[Pre Chorus:]
I need you to search me oh God,
I want to be just like you
So that you can be seen when they see me

[Verse 2:]
You know my thoughts
You know my heart
Along the way I’ve made mistakes
But thank you for grace
Hiding my flaws so they can see you

Lord I want to change
Take it away whatever it is
That’s my desire
I want your heart

These words sound like the sentiments of Fortune’s prayer.  Sometimes God has to expose our hearts in order to heal them.


I show my scars so that others know they can heal.” Someone needs to see your scars!

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