There back! The Stallworth family, who brought us an entertaining sitcom about everyday life for a family just, like you and me returns to the Bounce TV network next week.

Family Time, a show that the whole family can watch together is promising us another seasons of great entertainment, stories we can relate to, and laughs.  Just between you and me, I’ve seen two of the episodes and if they are any indication of what we can expect to see, they are going to deliver on that promise.

The Stallworth Family
Tony (Omar Gooding), Lisa (Angell Conwell), Devin (Bentley Kyle Evans, Jr.) and Ebony (Jayla Calhoun) are here with all their friends, giving us a daily dose of life with the family we have learned to love and laugh with over the last two seasons.  This season the family has lots of new issues to work through.  Dealing with everything from Lisa’s “new business” endeavor, to Tony new hire, a very attractive assistant, this family is going to have you in stitches.

Episodes with some of our favorite stars like Salt and Pepper, and guest appearances from Singer Michelle Williams, Comedian Rodney Perry and Shanti Lowry make the season one you don’t want to miss.

So, what can you expect this season?
The celebration of family, characters that won’t just make you laugh, but who will also make you think.

Most of all, Family Time is a return to the kind of shows you remember seeing when you were growing up.  Even though, they deal with real issues, Bentley Kyle Evans, the director and executive producer does it in a way that makes you smile.  You are looking at them and laughing at yourself because you know someone just like them, it may even be you.

The cast is a family, both on and off screen.  The chemistry between the characters and the laughs they deliver show the actors dedication and commitment to each other and their fans.  Family Time, wants to deliver a show that will make all of us proud.  It depicts the kind of families that we all know and it makes for great television and a ton of laughs.