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Summer is just about underway, schools are letting out and children will be playing their hearts out.  For a lot of families, especially in the Las Vegas area, providing three meals a day for their family is difficult.  Many say the cost of living is cheaper in Las Vegas, NV and the wages reflect that, but I beg to differ.  The cost for childcare, food, transportation and the necessities for a family to thrive are still the same.  Thank God for the community organizations and Churches who stand in the gap for families in need.

Christ Lutheran Church will begin its food program on June 11, 2012, offering breakfast, snacks and lunch to children from the ages of 2-18 on weekdays.  Breakfast will be served from 8-9am and lunch from 12-1pm.

Christ Lutheran Church is located at 111 N Torrey Pines at the US 95 overpass.