Life has a way of teaching us lessons. The key is to learn them the first time and move on. Sometimes learning the lesson can be easier said than done, but going through the process shows us some of our greatest weaknesses and vunerabilities.

I never realized how much I feared failure, until I lost everything and was forced to try. It wasn’t that I couldn’t do what others had told me I couldn’t, but that I feared that even if I tried I would fail. So what did I do, I always threw in the towel before I had to look defeat in the face. I never realized how the opinions of others bothered and contolled me, until all my credentials, titles and name were on the line.

2010 taught me a lot. We speak about the pruning process that God takes us through, but when you don’t yield to instructions sometimes drastic measures have to be taken. He not only pruned me but he left me in a state to either bare new fruit or fall. Some of you wonder why I spend so much time writing, but when he pruned me he left me with only the gifts that he had given, that no man could ever take away. The title is now gone, no degree or credentials to fall back on and no family name to hide behind. It’s just me and God.

So where am I at now, back where he placed me over 5 years ago, left with a pen and paper in my hand pouring out my heart and soul. The Bible says, “out of the heart flow the issues of life”. Those things that once brought me so much shame now bear my testimony, the guilt that imprisoned me has now opened doors and I am free. Free to share, inspire, encourage, live and love, this is what coming full circle has done for me.

So on this perfect day(1/11/11), I celebrate not only my birthday but the birthing of purpose. I have always been a dreamer, but I have now realized the true power that lies within. I’m tapping into mine and I hope to encourage you to tap into yours. The change I have so longed to see is starting with me. Full circle, getting back to where I was always meant to be.