"I've been meditating on scriptures sayin...

“I’ve been meditating on scriptures saying be confident in this. And, you know, the bible really helps me so I was very confident.” -Gabby Douglas, photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images (Photo credit: On Being)

Over the past weeks, we have come to know a 16 year old who is realizing a dream that began well before we even knew her name, Gabby Douglas. We have witnessed her fly through the air, somersault across the floor and dismount with style and grace. I don’t know many people who have sacrificed as much as this young lady, but I do know that her dedication, focus and faith must have gotten her this far. So my question then becomes why have so many attempted to dim the light on her successes by focusing so much attention on the irrelevant?

I’m going to refer to it as ” majoring in minors”. The words we speak and the thoughts we carry have the potential to set us back over 100 years. Words that are destructive vs constructive are unnecessary and need not be spoken. A 16 year old African American young lady represented the United States of America with grace, confidence and poise. Gabby Douglas, a gold medal 2012 Olympic achiever. We can learn a lot from Gabby.

5 Things I’ve Learned From Gabby:

1) #WhatILearnedFromGabby Family consist of those who take you in as their own, support you in your dreams and push you to achieve them.

2) #WhatILearnedFromGabby Let them talk and then show them what’s really worth talking about. #2012Olympics

3) #WhatILearnedFromGabby Quitting may be a thought, but it should not be an option. #2012Olympics

4) #WhatILearnedFromGabby Being fit is more than just physical but also spiritual. When my physical man/woman wants to give up, my spiritual man/woman can depend on God.

5) #WhatILearnedFromGabby Only you can decide the sacrifices you will make and how far you will go to accomplish your dreams. Don’t ever stop dreaming. #2012Olympics

What have you learned from Gabby Douglas?