ReasonsBookCoverThe process of women overcoming abuse varies from person to person. Some women make it through the process and some do not. Some have overcome physical abuse by murdering their perpetrator; that’s the only way they believed they could be free. Others have died in their abusive situation hoping that freedom would come through some other means, without any effort on their part. Fear can be motivator or a deterrent to overcoming abuse.

I met a woman once who had been abused. Her husband kept her locked up in their home. One day he took her to the liquor store and left her in the truck while he went in. She waited for her moment, got out of the truck, ran across the field and into our office.  She told me her story: “My husband has been physically abusive to me for years. I now have seizures due to my husband hitting me in the head once with a baseball bat. When I refuse to have sex with him, he takes away my medication and waits for me to go into a seizure and he rapes me.”

I found the woman a bed and transportation to a safe house.  She went, but contacted her husband the next day.  He apologized, begged her to return home and she did.  I don’t know what happened to that young lady, but what I do know is that it takes an exorbitant amount of courage and strength to overcome those types of situations.

Many times women stay because they feel they have nowhere else to go or they fear the abuser will not allow them to leave. Somehow, women must see the strength they have within themselves. If one can find the courage and confidence to remove themselves, the process of overcoming abuse can begin.  External support is important, but the real work must be done within.  If God does not control people, what makes people think they have the right to control you?  No one has the right to control you and visa versa.

We must identify the very thing that caused us to allow that kind of control over us in the first place.  We must face our fears and address them so the same lessons will not be repeated.   After removing yourself from an abusive situation, give yourself time to heal. Nothing regarding abuse happens speedily; allowing time is the key.

About The Book:

This a story based on true events. It’s about two best friends who were separated during their childhood. The spotlight then zooms in on Hadassah; during their adult reunion, she divulges the painful moments of the sexual abuse, murder and death that occurred in her life during her adolescence. It is a story about an ordinary person faced with extraordinary trauma and how she came to forgive and learned to embrace wholeness.

Head shot (1)About The Author:

Hadassah Thomas Martin is a high-spirited woman of faith who was born in Los Angeles and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She trained with Precept Ministries and became a certified trainer in “How to study the Bible”. She is also an active member of the Fellowship of International Christian Word Of Faith Ministries (FICWFM).  She is the founder of “Keep It Real Ministries” which is a non-profit organization whose mission is to conduct local bible studies which teach people how to continuously live in the reality of God’s Word; regardless of their experience.
Being an “at risk youth” herself, Hadassah has overcome insurmountable obstacles. She is a bright light to women who have suffered abuse and a vital assistant in producing overcomers.  She has a passion for people and teaches youth, men and woman how to fight to win!  As a true worshipper and Intercessor, she boldly believes that NOTHING is too hard for God!  In spite of the multiple challenges we face, she believes the greatness which is inside us all, can be extracted, developed and targeted to reach its designed purpose.  Her Focus: to express qualities that bring inspiration to others. Her motto is “We Always Triumph!”  Her inspiring influence, and her down to earth, “Keep It Real” style are certain to leave an indelible impression.

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