I am realizing more and more that happiness is not based on the accomplishments made but instead on the choices I make.  I can choose to be happy and content no matter the circumstances I face.  You might wonder how can one choose to be happy when they have lost their job, behind on their bills or simply living less of a life that they envisioned for themselves.  Well, if you have envisioned better, you can create better but it all starts with a choice.  That choice may consist of making a temporary sacrifice, walking away from a relationship or truly stepping out of your comfort zone, but the choice is necessary.  And, you are the only one that can choose.

I made a choice over four years ago to walk away from a relationship that had taken more out of me than had been deposited.  It left me depleted, unhappy and confused.  I was confused as to how I could love someone so much that did not love me back in return.  But he made his choice and though it took me almost ten years, I made mine as well.  Two years ago, I made the choice that I wouldn’t allow that relationship to make me bitter but better.   Although I was able to accomplish publishing a book, it was the choice to heal instead of remaining wounded that made me happy.  Writing is my healing.

I then made the choice to stop living in shame but rather live a life of transparency so that others could also see and know that healing is possible.  “I show my scars so that others know they can heal.”   It wasn’t the design of a t-shirt from this very quote that made me happy but the choice that I wouldn’t allow anything or anyone to keep me from living a life of freedom, honesty and healing.  Transparency allows me to breath, empower those that feel powerless but ultimately it allowed me to make the choice to live and stop merely existing.

What are you choosing?