I am convinced of a few things, one is hard work really does pay off. I haven’t posted about Sunday Mourning in a while, but my readers keep me motivated and encouraged. After six months, Sunday Mourning is still gaining readers and the response has been great.

I am convinced that my decision to publish was the best decision I made. I must say though, when writing a book about the intricate details of one’s life, fears has a way of making you rethink everything you’ve been convinced of. I didn’t know how my transparency would be received but the reviews speak for themselves. 

I am convinced that we are more connected than we think and share more similarities than we choose to admit. Someone is waiting for you to share the words written upon your heart. Your words may help bring clarity or light to a dark situation. Trust your instinct and don’t let anyone persuade you otherwise, Be Convinced.

So to all my readers, in celebration of my upcoming birthday, you can download you ebook copy of Sunday Mourning for only .99 cents for the rest of today and tomorrow. I hope it leaves you inspired, I am convinced it will. If you prefer a hardcopy, they are now available for $10.00 and I’m signing each one.

Thank you for allowing me to be transparent and to grow right before your eyes.

“Building relationships of accountability and trust with all roads leading to love” RATL