A little over a week ago, before attending Blogalicious, I made a confession.  I had come to the conclusion that I wanted more and I was the only one holding ME back.  Because of my confession, I attended Blogalicious with a clear vision, understanding the next steps to take and the connections necessary to make the transition.  Yes, I made it personal.

@MarioArmstrong confirmed that I was no longer just a blogger.  Ironically, I have already been generating an income but adding a few more avenues to generate revenue puts me where I am desiring to go.  So again, I am stretching myself and stepping out of my comfort zone.  I am developing my 90 day plan, gathering my team, expanding my reach and I am determined to enjoy and learn throughout the process.

@MissLori Taught me healing is necessary and it doesn’t hurt to share while on your journey of healing and discovery.  Being transparent not only connects you with your audience but it also inspires.  “Light the way for others.  For everyone benefits when paths of opportunity and progress are illuminated.”

Ava Duvernay Gave me the confidence and guidance I needed to make the transition.  My age no longer creates a sense of fear when I think about transitioning from the world of casework and Psychology to Public Relations.  She not only transitioned but has been awarded in the process, receiving the Sundance award for her film Middle of Nowhere.   When you are passionate about something and determined to see it through anything can happen.  Sometimes being tired of seeing the world through someone elses lens is the fuel that is needed to light the fire.

Last but not least @HarrietteCole let me know how to put all my thoughts together and communicate them affectively. “Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary? Is it timely?”

The Blogalicious12 experience was priceless.  It took a few days to actually let everything just soak in.  From the organizers to the attendees to all the phenomenal presenters, making it personal was made easy. I gained so much insight and inspiration that one post simply won’t be enough.  But I’m making my list, doing my research, visualizing my success, following up and making it all count.  Blogalicious13 I will be there with bells on.