what are word for?

Image by Darwin Bell via Flickr

I learned that everything is not worth uttering and if it’s not worth speaking, it isn’t worth entertaining. I have put a value on my words and they continue to appreciate. I can no longer speak my own defeat because I am a conqueror. And I won’t allow another to murder me with their words. Life and death are in the power of the tongue. I speak life because there was a time that my words were speaking my own eulogy. The only problem was that there were no words to fill in the dash. I hadn’t discovered my purpose and was living a life with no drive or motivation.

What words are you using to describe your day? Your life? Change your mind, change your life. Stop accepting everything into your life, it’s okay to throw some things back. Wake up in control of your day. When we get out of the bed, our feet are the first thing to hit the floor. That means everything else is beneath us. We are not walking in worry or defeat, but we are stepping on the seeds before they can even be planted. We allow our words to imprison us, limit our options and forfeit our goals.

Live your best life. When someone attempts to change your environment with their words, just tell them “shhh” and plead the 5th.

“Building relationships of accountability and trust with all roads leading to love.” RATL