I was warned about “your type”. I was just to grown to listen. I didn’t see the harm of giving someone my heart, but I wish I had known that all you would do was break it. I spent many of nights crying, tears that you never cared to wipe or dry. I held onto you, because I had lost myself; I no longer knew what I stood for and ended up falling for everything, everything but the right thing. The truth shall set you free, I didn’t realize the lie that was keeping me bound. If only I had known…

How many of us give our hearts to the wrong one? We ignore all the obvious signs because we are more captured by the thought of love rather than the heart of love. Love is patient, love is kind…yes we’ve heard it but few of us come to know it. We were created to love. This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you. (John 15:12 KJV) If only I had known, that I had to first love me in order to love another.

For years I struggled with getting my life in order because I didn’t want to stand before the “church” and be judged. I was comfortable in the world, living in sin, while surrounded by the company of others that were dealing with their own struggles. One thing that was certain, I could relate to them and they could relate to me.

The longer I dwelled on the mistakes that I had made, the more I continued to make them. The enemy will make you believe you are not worth, unlovable, unusable, full of shame and will convince you to stay away. Just like any thief, once that have stolen from you, they are covinced that it belongs to them.

If only I had known…My struggles are not your struggles and my faults are not your faults, but my pain, trials and ISSUES were real. Now I am in a position to use my life as a living testimony, TRANSPARENCY, and still some folks still don’t get it. So many get so caught up in what GOD is doing as far as the blessings now, that they forget that some folks still need to understand what he did then. I make sure to leave a trail from where I’ve come and I’m still a ways from where I’m going. But now that I know, I don’t want you saying…If only I had known.