Hong Kong Orange

If there was one thing you could do and was certain that you wouldn’t fail, would you do it?  If opportunity knocked on your door would you be prepared to answer?  How many times have you had that “aha moment” and didn’t take the time to write it down?  Only to find out years later that someone had acted on their gut instinct and that “aha” became someone else’s reality.

If only I had the time, support and money almost makes for a compelling reason to give up but it’s just not enough.  Opportunity is around us constantly but anything worth having is going to take some time and commitment.  You may have to find 100 different ways to do the same thing, in order to get the attention and recognition needed but do what ever it takes until you get the results you desire.

The worst thing ever would be to give up right before breaking through.  I am determined and as long as I am able, I am going on.  Now is not quitting time, if only I can help you see.  Be encouraged!