Le'Andria JohnsonLe’Andria Johnson, Sunday Best Season 3 winner, Grammy and two time Stellar Award winner has been an open book since she first auditioned in flip flops and socks after losing her home. Now Le’Andria Johnson is going to get personal in an exclusive virtual press conference with 30+ bloggers.  She will be answering questions about marriage, family, music ministry, faith and more.


On September 19th Wednesday, September 25th @ 1pm EST you could be one of those bloggers to join her on the line and have your questions answered as well as those of your faithful readers. If you are an inspirational, music, marriage, family, lifestyle or Christian blogger this opportunity would be great for you. I will be your moderator for this exclusive event. To participate, send an email to rn @ rhachellenicol (dot) com and include the following information:

UPDATE: All dates through October 6th are filled.  Please select a date from October 6th through October 31st.
1) Name
2) Name of your blog and a link
3) Top 3 questions you would like to ask Le’Andria Johnson
4) Choose a date from Sept 26th – October 31st that you would be able to write a recap from the interview on your blog.
*If you are not serious about completing the recap on your site please do not respond. This virtual conference is for those who are serious about sharing the answers to their questions with their readers. Your article will be shared on multiple social media platforms for others readers to read. YOU MUST BE A BLOGGER AND HAVE A SITE.