Le'Andria JohnsonLe’Andria Johnson, BET’s Sunday Best season 3 winner, has been signed to Music World Gospel label owned and operated by Matthew Knowles since she won the title.  Johnson has since gone on to win a Grammy and multiple Stellar awards, being a very promising addition to the labels credits.  On Friday, November 1, 2013 someone took to Le’Andria Johnson’s twitter account to express some disdain towards Matthew Knowles and the way in which he chooses to conduct business.  Since then a press release had been issued on behalf of Le’Andria Johnson stating, “Ms. Johnson did not post the message on her twitter account.  A disgruntled associate has admitted to the posting and will be disciplined.”  Said Christopher Brown, of Brown & Rosen LLC, legal counsel to Ms. Johnson.  “The problem has been handled.  The posting should never have appeared and I regret that this has occurred.”  Said Le’Andria Johnson.

In September, Rhachellenicol.com hosted a virtual press conference with Le’Andria Johnson and 30+ bloggers to get up close and personal with some of her fans.  At no time did Johnson express any ill feelings toward the label but a passion for music and ministry.  You can check out what she had to say on For Colored Gurls and you can also read more about Le’Andria Johnson in a one on one interview that was conducted with her in August.