Le'Andria Johnson

A week ago today, I boarded a flight headed to Atlanta, GA.  I did not know what to expect.  I actually hadn’t even taken any time to really think about what I was embarking on.  I was flying out to meet with thee Le’Andria Johnson.  Now if you know me, then you know I have been a fan/supporter since day 1.  Le’Andria Johnson was first introduced to us all on season 3 of BET’s Sunday Best.  She has since gone on to win a Grammy and two Stellar Awards.  So how would it happen that I would be going out to meet with her?  I still don’t have the answer to that but I will say it was nobody but God.

I was picked up from the airport by Robert Hatcher, Johnson’s road manager and it was like we had known each other for quite some time.  We grabbed a bite to eat from Waffle House (I need a waffle on this morning, lol).  He didn’t bother to let me know that we would be meeting with Le’Andria moments later.  We finished eating and drove over to IPC Ministries.  If you do not know, Le’Andria actually Pastor Le’Andria Johnson began a ministry a few months ago in Hapeville, GA.  We were meeting to discuss the expansion of IPC Ministries to Las Vegas, NV.  It was also during that initial meeting that Johnson would show her scars.  We discussed music, ministry and transparency.

My first question was how are you able to be so transparent and open about your life? Johnson’s response, “Being transparent is the key to someone’s locked door”.  Johnson went on to discuss life after Sunday’s Best and how she was still in a place of not surrendering her all to God.  “I did what I needed to do to stay sane and that’s operate in a church and still give God some of me.  On Sundays, that was my only grace period, my only way out.  That was my way of saying Lord forgive me for the week.  I’m coming to sing for you, shout for you and dance for you.  And I was doing it from a pure heart then.  But I didn’t realize the effect that it would have on me and the people around me.”

It was during that time that God began to deal with Le’Andria.  If you recall, Johnson began to share her testimony of being delivered from alcohol.  Soon after, she would let close friends and family know that she was expecting her 4th child out of wedlock.  It was suggested by some for her to have an abortion.  Her record label, Music World operated by Matthew Knowles,  told her it was career suicide to carry the baby.  Johnson was fully persuaded that she would not abort her baby but allow God to use the very thing that man tried to kill her with as a testimony.  “I did not kill to be killed” became one of Johnson’s slogans during that time.  If you recall my post titled Le’Andria Johnson: Sooner or Later, I could see then what God was doing through her and the pregnancy.  I then asked Johnson, “How were you able to stand and endure during those times?”  I knew it was nobody but God but her response was confirmation.  “He was my strength.  He said I’ll never leave you nor forsake you.  God I know that you forgave me and if you forgave me, you’re telling me to move on.  But I knew there were millions of Le’Andria’s in the world.”  I thank God that she was able to stand and that He was her strength.   “Those scars were for you to go through because you were going to be strong enough to tell someone else how to get out of it”, said Johnson.  Now that is what showing our scars is all about.

Johnson is currently working on her upcoming single and album and quite a few other projects.  She recently recorded a song with Reuben Studdard that is soon to be released and she can be heard on many other albums of some of your favorite gospel artist.  However, right now Johnson’s heart is in ministry.  She is reaching out to the unchurched or those that have given up on the church in unconventional ways.  If you are in the Las Vegas, NV area you can pick up a complete copy of the interview in The Answer Newspaper.  Also, if you are interested in finding out more about IPC Ministries or being a part of the Las Vegas location please send an email to rn @ rhachellenicol (dot) com.  Continue to keep Pastor Le’Andria Johnson in your prayers as she continues to impact lives and minister.   “We’re in the same boat with our messed up, imperfect selves but we have one thing in common, the tree of life, an all access pass to God.”

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