training wheels

Image by qwrrty via Flickr

Some of the most difficult experiences in life, can provide us with the greatest opportunities of gaining wisdom and knowledge. They can also reveal one’s strength. Letting go, I have found to be difficult but at times necessary and for the best.  Three years ago, when I lost my father, I was angry. I prayed and ask God why would you remove the parent that I needed and depended on the most. Why would you leave me with so many questions unanswered? It took a year for me to get my answer.

I had put so much confidence and faith in my father, that if he fell short I would end up crushed. I constantly looked to him for answers instead of praying and asking God. For so long, I was riding through life with the training wheels on. I was scared of falling so I kept every safety net in place to prevent one. But now I realize, since the training wheels have been removed, that the one that holds me up, can also keep me from falling.

I know my father is looking down on me with a heart full of joy, watching his baby girl move forward and grow. I am also thankful that my heavenly father stepped in when I refused to let go.

Anger is the second stage of the grieving process. It allows our intellectual side to question the facts, fight with our reality and blame, even if it’s not at the fault of someone else. It gives us a license to feel the pain of our heart being hurt.