If you haven’t heard the “Chicken Song” by now then you are probably living under a rock.  Okay maybe not a rock but have been on some sort of hiatus.  I actually heard the song a few weeks ago shortly after it had been uploaded.  Something told me then that it was going to go viral.  No sooner than the thought crossed my mine, I began to see the video being shared by various sites.  I first saw it on World Star Hip Hop, then Madame Noire and just recently the opening for the Chelsea Lately show to name a few.  At that point, I had to reach out because I knew there was something more to the story.

I was surprised when I discovered that she was a teacher not looking for a way out of her career but a way to sustain it.  Logan McWilliams loves working as a teaching in Oakland, CA.    In fact, when asked why she uploaded the song her response was, “so that my students wouldn’t have to struggle”.  Logan is a great singer and songwriter.  She has posted multiple videos of her singing various covers of different artist.  But it was something about the “chicken song’ that captured our attention. If you haven’t already watched the Youtube video, you can play it here.  My extended article will appear in The Answer Newspaper in Las Vegas.

You can also check out another Logan Mac original titled “Real Love“.