Earnes Pugh You Are So BeautifulValentine’s Day comes the same time every year. It’s met with open arms from those who are married or in a relationship. However, for some single’s it’s just a reminder of their singleness. Last week, I hosted a #LoveMeFirst chat with Gospel Recording Artist Earnest Pugh and moderated by Pamela King, the founder of Still Dating My Spouse and Sol Search. I have always loved Valentine’s Day and my status has never been the deciding factor. My very first Valentine was my father and he did a great job at making me feel loved year round.

One of the questions asked during the chat brought up the topic of how a person is raised affects the way they love. Question: How does one get over loving from their understanding or by what they were raised by? Shedding what has been taught or learned is a process. While my father was amazing at demonstrating love, my mother not so much. When I realized that the type of love my mother had given was the type of love I was receiving in my relationships, I had to do the work. Praying, reading and meditating on scripture was where I started. This was one of the first decisions made to #LoveMeFirst.

Another question we discussed was, “Do you believe the way you love yourself can affect the way you love others?” Not loving yourself will attract people into your life that do not mean you any good. Our moderator let us know that if we don’t love our self we will take anything. Though Valentine’s Day has come and gone and the chocolate hearts and bears are now on sale make sure you are not discounting the love that you give or receive. Loving yourself first, allows you to love others better. And in the words of Earnest Pugh: “True love is withholding nothing from your mate and expecting nothing in return”.

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