BookI am so happy to have had the opportunity to interview Madelyn Bass, author of Tarnished Dreams.  When I first came across the title, it made me think of some of my dreams and goals and how life has a way of bringing you full circle.  Take a minute to read what inspired her writing and the importance of having and pursuing your dreams.

RN: What inspired you to write Tarnished Dreams?

What inspired me to write Tarnished Dreams…I had Lost custody of my son Quincy on the same date as my 1st born son Casey died 4years prior. The judge separated my Son Quincy and daughter Gabrielle in a 2yr custody battle. We prayed about it (my church family and family/friends) That God would Keep them together even if it meant losing the both of them. I just want to keep them together.  Well… God said NO! I didn’t know what to do.. So I did what I had always done when I didnt want to Question GOD! I wrote in my journal. I wanted to Encourage Women/Men who were in my situation to Know GOD does know what HE is Doing we just have to TRUST HIM! In all thy ways Acknowledge HIM and HE WILL direct your Path!

RN: Have you had any dreams that you feel like you let get away?   

Not one Dream has been gone unsought after!! Lol! I’m Still pushing Forward in Pursuing them ALL! Although my parents did stop me from trying out for the Michael Jackson Dance CREW in 80! (SMH)

RN: What would say to someone who may feel as though they are losing sight of their dreams? 

Take a deep breathe and allow your mind to catch up with what Vision GOD has given them.  Write, Write, Write ~ Put your Ideas on Paper so that your can see the BIGGER Picture of what you are trying to achieve.

RN: How did you get started with your radio show?

I got started with “So Real with Madelyn” in 2012 I was finally home from Hospital I have an Unidentified Nerve Disorder that causes Seizures leaving me Paralyzed or unable to walk alone. I am unable to speak or see at times during and breathing is a challenge. This has cost me much loss (job, friends…etc) So I needed an outlet ~ as a writer of my feelings and not able to hold a pen or type without it taking me an eternity because of the palsy state at times. I used my VOICE! I wanted to help whoever was going through the same thing I was to be encouraged.

RN: Do you think it is important to have a dream? Why?

I Believe it is very IMPORTANT to See beyond ourselves to DREAM/VISION! Dreams give us Drive, Energy and Hope of a Greater. It gives you a Reason to Press forward in your Life!

RN: How do you recapture a dream that has yet to be realized and stay focused?

You Recapture a Dream by Keeping WHY it is Important to you in the front of your mind ALWAYS! (Picture, Post-its, children, Family, etc) STAY Determined and you WILL stay Focused! Always PRAY and Ask GOD TO Direct you, Keep your ears open for HIS VOICE and keep your heart OPEN for HIS WILL!

About the Author: Madelyn Bass is a single mother of 3 children, 2 adults and 1 deceased.  She is the daughter of a Pastor and grew up in church.  Neighborhood life was average and married young to get out of the 197601_186650758038893_7825922_n-1house.  Her story is a masterpiece God planned for her and only her.  She has experienced love, divorce, pain, disappointments, betrayal, sickness, heartaches, abuse and prejudice.  All of that was a challenge, but preparation for where she is now.  In 2011, her faith was tested when she was struck with an unknown illness.  She is thankful that she is able to walk again, dress, feed and simply take care of herself.  She encourages others to grow closer and not away from the Lord when storms take place and even closer to Him when things are well.

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