Old habits do die, but it definitely takes a fight.  It seems like as soon as I committed to blogging daily, and I don’t mean for a month, but for the entire 2012, I wanted to take it back.  Last year, I was blogging weekly and life was good.  But I have a goal in mind for 2012 and with that goal comes hard work, dedication and change.  It’s true old habits do die hard, but now just about at the half-way mark of creating a new habit, I can see the light.  Each day I convince myself to post, brainstorm topics and execute.  I will continue to do so until my new habit becomes second nature. 

4 Steps to Staying Motivated

Focus on the goal – You should have a goal in mind, otherwise your hardwork will seem like it is never ending.   The goal should also be one that is measurable.  Everything you are doing to accomplish your goal, should add up and make sense. 

Celebrate – You should celebrate each hurdle jumped and new accomplishment, even the little ones.  Each time I hit publish is cause for a celebration.  Each time a comment is left, a liked clicked or an additional follower, its icing on the cake. 

Accountability – Have someone in your corner that will push you, cheer for you and make sure you are getting things done.  I have a few twitter followers that I send friendly reminders to and try to keep them encouraged.  It works.

Keep Going – Even when you feel like you can’t, find a way. Motivation comes by doing.  If writing is your goal, “whatever you do, don’t stop writing”.

“Building relationship of accountability and trust with all roads leading to love.” RATL


Image by Sean MacEntee via Flickr