Did you catch the season premiere of Mary Mary on WeTV this past Thursday?  If you didn’t, you need to catch up.  Over the past 5 seasons, Mary Mary has easily become one of my favorite reality tv shows to watch.  It has drama, relationship issues, family, business, inspiration, conflict, forgiveness and more.  I love how this family sticks by each other, prays for one another, loves each other and forgives.  So you know I screamed at the top of my lungs while sitting in my livingroom when Tina walks into Erica’s house rocking her God Sings Through Me tee.  For like 5 minutes, my favorite latest addition to the RN Brand made its way into millions of viewers’  homes.

Photo Jul 11, 11 25 52 PM

If you recall last year, I had then opportunity to attend An Evening With Tina Campbell in Woodland Hills on behalf of Gospel Central.  I was able to purchase a copy of Tina’s book, I Need A Day To Pray and her debut solo album, It’s Personal.  She signed both and I was able to give her a God Sings Through Me tee.  A year later she is wearing it on television!!! If you watched Season 4, you might remember Tina wearing an I Show My Scars tee.  Needless to say, I will be tuning in every Thursday on WeTV at 9pm PST to catch my favorite sister singing duo.  Will you be watching?

Photo Jun 13, 10 13 46 PM