While we may not know the future of the singing duo Mary Mary, we will definitely get another season to witness Erica and Tina’s life behind the scenes.  The Mary Mary reality show will be back for a season 3 on WE tv.  Reaching 5.2 million viewers this season, it is no surprise that they will be back.  The duo will begin filming for season 3 Mid-March.


I was excited to hear this news.  It seemed like the sisters got a lot more comfortable  with being filmed during season 2. So much happened during this season.  From babies to weddings and semi-proposals, life was moving fast.  So fast, that with a career as demanding as theirs, I don’t blame Tina for wanting to take a break or even GooGoo wanting to run for cover in Atlanta.  Erica and Tina appear to manage their careers and personal lives very different.

I think Mitch’s suggestion of re-engaging in counseling is a great idea.  I also think that even taking a break for a little while is a great idea.  Those last few moments of season 2 shed some light on communication.  The way we communicate with one another can be a deal breaker in any relationship whether siblings, spouses, employer-employee or parent-to-child.  Although, I love the bluntness of Tina, I don’t think I could deal with it as a sister or a business partner.

Who has been your favorite sister to watch?