Hold on mother, help is on the way. I’ve seen your tears, in my heart you stay. I’ve been there before, when all you were waiting for is a knock at the door. Someone to say hello, how are you? You see I believe in you and together let’s make those dreams come true.

Let’s raise our young girls to be virtuous and our young boys to be men. We can do it together, hand in hand. You see it has always taken a village, and now we must build our own. I know that we can do it, all it takes is courage. Mother 2 mother we can conquer it together, we must strengthen our foundation and love ourselves in order to love one another.
So I extend my hands, to assist with a meal, while I give you time to heal. I lend to you a shoulder to cry on, when daddy has left and gone on. I lend you my heart, because I know the pain when you and your children are apart. Mother 2 Mother we can win this race, because when I look in the mirror, I see your face.

We might start off slow, and pick up a few things on the way. Patience, love, guidance and nurture are things for which I pray. So when you need to talk or just hear me say you can, because Mother 2 Mother is where I stand.

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