Throughout the year, I make an attempt to bring awareness to domestic violence, whether it is through blogging, sharing articles that I have read or showing my scars. But the time of year has come that I get involved in communities, partner with organizations and discuss this problem face to face with those that have been affected by it.

I’m so excited about the upcoming My Scars Chat Tour. We will kick off our panel discussion in Sacramento, Ca at Underground Books, then we will move on to Oakland, Ca and more Cities and States are still being added to the tour weekly.

My Scars Chat is a live panel discussion on the impact of domestic violence on families, children and the community; a conversation between men and women about verbal, financial, sexual and physical abuse. We explore effective prevention methods, the road to healing and using one’s scars to bring awareness.

SCARS are those lessons that we learn in life that seem unbearable and come at a greater cost. But the scars let us know that we survived it and healing is possible.

How you can get involved:
If you are located in these Cities, please join us, bring a friend and help us get the word out.

If you are not in these cities and would like a My Scars Chat in your city email rn at rhachellenicol (dot) com and let us know.

If you haven’t already, purchase a “My Scars” Tee the proceeds allow us to bring these panel discussions to Cities like yours for FREE. That’s right, these panel discussions are FREE.

You can also help, by donating at least $2 to our Tilt campaign your donation will help us secure out next venue for the upcoming Oakland, CA My Scars Chat.

UPDATE: We have reached 65% towards our goal and we still have four more days to go!!!! Once we hit our goal we will be working towards securing a location in San Diego, CA to bring awareness. Thank you all for the support it truly means a lot.

UPDATE:We have 87% towards our goal and with only 2 days remaining we are confident that we will not only meet it but exceed it. Thank you all!! Oakland, CA here we come and San Diego you’re next.

UPDATE:With your help and support our goal was reached and the Oakland venue was secured. We will see you all on Oct. 4th at Zarif Soulye Fashion Gallery. Thank you all so much.

And as always…Keep showing your scars!!! Someone needs to see your scars.

I show my scars so that others know they can heal.” Someone needs to see your scars!

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