My 6 year old is a performer in every since of the word. He spends hours on end studying the late Michael Jackson, dancing to Beat It and Billie Jean and you can catch him moonwalking down the aisles of the grocery store. Sometimes I think he has been here before. But when I ask him to read to me for 20 minutes at night as a part of his nightly homework, he acts as if he is shy or uninterested. In fact, last year while he was still in kindergarten just getting him to do his homework was a task. The crazy thing is when he graduated from kindergarten at his ceremony he was awarded an excellent reading award along with four other children and had to read a passage to us in the audience. I’m convinced that he only did it because in his mind he was performing instead of in fact demonstrating his academic achievement.

Now in the 1st grade, he is still excelling in reading and mathematics but all he wants to be is the class clown. When I visited his classroom, he took me around the room, reading all the posters on the walls, explaining how everything works in his classroom, etc. But his teacher let me know that he likes to keep his classmates laughing. I have to admit he has a great sense of humor and is witty but that is not what he’s at school for.  However, he has brought home straight A’s on just about all of his assignments since school started.

I remember all of the stories my parents used to share about my sister. She also enjoyed being a class clown and kept my parents in the principal’s office but she did amazing academically.  And she still likes to be the life of every party.  It just so happens that their birthdays are 3 days apart.   I also did well in school but I was shy and timid then (I’m far from shy now).  I loved learning and kept my head in a book.  But why am I getting all the stuff back that my sister did to our parents, shouldn’t she be dealing with it?  I haven’t had any trips to the principal’s office and I’m going to figure out a way to keep that from happening unless it’s to receive an award. Some performing arts classes are definitely in his future.

Have you dealt with a class clown? What positive outlet did you use to keep them on track academically while helping develop the performer in them?