Do you ever find yourself so preoccupied with your future that you lose sight of the present? Seems like life is going in circles but no lessons are being learned. We worry more, do less and expect different outcomes. If I told you that this very moment was the only real moment, what would you do differently? Would you pick up the phone and talk to a family member or friend you hadn’t spoken to? Would you take the kids on that adventure you had been putting off? Why do we allow so many things to get in the way of our now?

Imagine if we only planned for our now, we would stop missing out on our future. Any keys that are going to unlock the doors of my future have to exist in my now. I must become a better steward of what I possess in my now in order for it to usher in my future.

I’m going to hold my children closer, say my prayers a lot longer and stand in a position of surrender. Surrendering my will to remove worry and doubt, making peace with my now and believing and trusting that God has the best future for me, planned better than I could ever force.