“I Show My Scars So That Others Know They Can Heal”  – Author Rhachelle Nicol

I didn’t share my story because it was easy or fun to be vulnerable.
I share my story because I know that if I tell my truth, I give someone else the power and the courage to do the same.  #ShareYourScars

This year we want to change lives.  We want to touch individuals, families, and whole communities, but we need YOU.  We are looking for a few of our COMMITTED friends to help us spread this life saving message of hope to the people who need it.

Are you passionate about this cause?
Will you support the work we are doing in your communities both online and offline?
Do you believe in empowering individuals with scars so they can heal and share their life after stories?
If you can say yes, to all of those questions we are looking for you!

#ShowYourScars is not just my story; it is OUR story.  We all have scars, those moments, seasons, and experiences that COULD define us.  In those precious after moments, we can become stronger, greater, and more powerful than ever, but we usually need help.

As I look back at my life, I knew I had a dream and I had God. Hearing someone share their story, blew the door wide open for me.

I knew that if they could be free, I could be free too.

I stepped out on faith, I trusted God and I found people who pushed me, believed in me and supported me until I was able to stand on my own two feet.

“If my scars can be healed, then your scars can heal too.”

Difficulties will come, but you are a winner and winners fight and they fight until they win.

My Scars Chat SFSU

Over the past few years, the #ShowYourScars movement has been responsible for helping people move beyond their scars.  We have helped people understand the cycle of abuse.  We host conversations to bring real issues to the forefront. We are creating solutions to make a difference in our communities.  This year we are committed to empowering more people, we want to change more lives, but we need your help.
Will you help us spread the word? Will you share this message of hope with people who REALLY need it? If this message speaks to you, JOIN OUR TEAM OF AMBASSADORS TODAY and start earning 20% from each sale.