When I am not writing, I am typically reading.  I often make sure to leave comments on the sites I visit and share the information I come across.  Well today, I feel like I struck gold.  I came across a blog post titled 50 Simple Ways to Advance Your Ministry on the Internet and I was blown away.  So many valuable ways that I hadn’t even considered (until now).  Here are the first 25:

  1. Share Jesus
  2. Make observations
  3. Question things you don’t understand
  4. State your position
  5. Blog
  6. Challenge the status quo
  7. Present alternate views
  8. Offer your perspective
  9. Provide commentary and share insights
  10. Grapple with and unpack complex issues
  11. React to what you’ve seen, read or heard
  12. Challenge opposing positions
  13. Ponder big ideas
  14. Give props to people or organizations
  15. Launch an initiative
  16. Specify details
  17. Resolve problems
  18. Vlog
  19. Offer solutions
  20. Inspire spiritual growth
  21. Compile resources
  22. Leave comments to stimulate conversation
  23. Invite action
  24. Give tech support
  25. Share videos you like

Do you have any ideas of what the other 25 may include?  What ways are working for you?

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