around the cornerLife happens regardless if we are ready for it to unfold, unravel or change.  The

key is remaining positiveand trusting that this too shall pass.  I know clichés are

the last thing that you want to hear when it feels like all hell is breaking loose but

pain, hardships or negativity don’t last forever.  A lot of times those situations

that we try to avoid arise because we have allowed something to linger for too

long.  I can attest this very truth.  Life has a way of forcing us to make necessary

changes that will make life better even if for just a while things are looking like

they are at their worst.

I’ve come up with 4 ways to stay positive while going through a negative situation.

Life has a way of forcing us to make changes that will make life better even if for a while things look like they are at their worst. Click To Tweet



Make a decision that you are no longer going to focus on the negative and focus on solutions.  I had to

tell myself I can’t stay in this place.  I changed the conversation and eventually took down the images

and pictures in my head that kept me returning.  Take the negativity off repeat.  If you are still here to

read this that’s a positive you can focus on.  Things will get better when you get better and start taking

the necessary steps to be better.

Things will get better when you get better. Click To Tweet


Don’t lose sight of everything else in your life that has brought you joy.  If you like cooking, keep

cooking.  If you like dancing, keep dancing.  I enjoy writing and I had allowed life to take the very thing

that kept me grounded and focused away.  I became frustrated with my purpose because I was focused

on the pain.

Don't become frustrated with your purpose because you are focused on the pain. Click To Tweet

I need writing like I need air.  It keeps me centered.  It’s where I go when I feel

misunderstood.  It allows me to be me.  If I can write I can get through anything.  So why did I put my

pen down?  I gave more focus to the distraction, the negative situation, than the solution.  And stopping

what I love did not make things better.


If you are having a hard time processing whatever it is that you are going through reach out to a

professional.  Sometimes we need help understanding our options and putting things into the proper

perspective.  Sometimes we fail to even realize we have options.  You have a choice in everything that

life throws at you.  I’m choosing to remain positive and you should too.


Things will work out the way they are supposed to.  All we have to do is be willing to surrender to the

process.  I know it’s easier said than done but necessary.  I had to give up my control, focus on what I

could do and stop focusing on what I wanted.  The process brings changes in our life that are necessary

to allow us to move forward in the best way possible.  What we want is not always what is best.  Take it

step by step and day by day you will get through it.  Just around the corner of adversity there is a blessing with your name on it.

Just around the corner of adversity there is a blessing with your name on it. Click To Tweet