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Sunday Mourning may be Friday night for some, addiction for others or the absence of a mother and/or father for a few. But its those almost unforgiveable or damaging mistakes that are made by the person(s) that gives life and ultimately teaches us. The mistakes that impact us in a way that we don’t understand until we end up repeating the same behavior.

Sunday Mourning looks into the life of a preacher’s kid whose household lived by the principle, “what goes on in this house, stays in this house”. All which included emotional and physical abuse and impacted a young girls faith in God and the entire concept of church and religion. A young girl watched her mom kneel and pray but no change. Bring forth the message on Sunday Mourning but raise hell throughout the week.

Sunday morning finally came and it opened up a revelation of hope, love and forgiveness, putting an end to the vicious cycle.

Sunday morning stopped being a weekly routine and started being a lifestyle change, a healing process and revealing of a divine purpose. Rhachelle Nicol’ was no longer the nothing, her mother told her she would be. She no longer lived in the shadows of self doubt because she was told “people are not going to like you because you have my name”.

The cycle was finally being broken, the healing was finally beginning and a new life of transparency was being revealed. The guilt and shame that had to be broken through was undeniable and at one point death was chosen over life.

About The Author:

Rhachelle Nicol’ is mother, author, speaker, writer and advocate, who discovered that her life purpose is to bring healing and hope to others. Rhachelle Nicol’ has worked with abused and neglected children, juvenile delinquents and high risk families, to reunify, redirect and assist families with accessing resources to function at their highest level for over 15 years.  She is the Founder of Mother 2 Mother CDC, an organization providing preventative services to at risk mothers and families. Rhachelle Nicol’ is very transparent in her approach when working with families. “I show my scars so that others know they can heal.” Her mission in life is to inspire others to heal and grow while allowing their dreams to take root. “I can, I will, I am…We can, We will, We are…with God all things are possible.”  Sunday Mourning is a life testament of what God can and will do when we surrender it all to him, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Tour Schedule:

7/14 Tracy Jolly – Losing My Mind, Finding My Voice – Guest post

7/16 LaTersa Blakely – From Brokenness to Greatness– Author Interview

7/17  Zari Banks – Z Writes Words –  Author Interview

7/19  Janiera Eldridge – Beauty and Books – Guest post/Giveaway

7/20 A’Esha Goins – I Am Wisdom – Guest Post

7/21 Tracy Jolly – Losing My Mind, Finding My Voice – Author Interview

7/23 Paulette Harper – Empowered to Prosper –Guest Post

7/23  Jamie Fleming – For Colored Gurls– Author Interview/Giveaway

Sunday Mourning is now available on Kindle, make sure to get your copy and join us on the tour!!! Giveaways, guest post and interviews, your opportunity to find out more about the author and also a chance to win a “My Scars” Tee.