Sunday mourning may be Friday night for some, addiction for others or the absence of a mother and/or father for a few. But its those almost unforgivable or damaging mistakes that are made by the person(s) that gives life and ultimately teaches us. The mistakes that impact us in a way that we don’t understand until we end up repeating the same behavior.

I call mine “Sunday Mourning” because the person that introduced me to my faith in God, taught me what it means to pray and how to get on my knees before the throne of grace also brought me my greatest pains in life. “For out of the mouth flows the issues of the heart…”. Although the issues were there before I was conceived, I slowly adopted those same issues as my own but did not realize it until I got involved in a serious relationship and ultimately had children. I was a mess. Work came before everything, then I made up for working so much with material gifts for the kids. Not to mention their father was just an added accessory expected to tend to the children, stripped of all the respect that should be given to a man.

So what is your “Sunday Mourning”? Is it teenage pregnancy, lack of education or achievement, adolescent promiscuity, drugs and addiction, what? “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood…”

I thank God for revealing the issues of my heart. It took me hitting a point in my life that all I could do was look up. I could not hide behind work or the superficial titles it brought. The hardest task was uprooting the seed that I had planted in the hearts and minds of my own children, breaking the cycle and putting an end to the generational curse in my family.

This blog may not be for everyone but we all know a person that has made some choices in life based off the mistakes of a parent, loved one, role model, etc. It is time to reclaim your life and start making choices that will push you into your destiny and fulfilling purpose.

Keep your eyes out for my book, Sunday Mourning. A book that will look into the life of a preacher’s kid whose household lived by the principle, “what goes on in this house, stays in this house”. All which included emotional and physical abuse and impacted a young girls faith in God and the entire concept of church and religion. A young girl watched her mom kneel and pray but no change. Bring forth the message on Sunday Mourning but raise hell throughout the week.

Sunday morning finally came and it opened up a revelation of hope, love and putting an end to the vicious cycle.

Sunday mourning stopped being a weekly routine and started being a lifestyle change, a healing process and revealing of a divine purpose. She was no longer the nothing, her mother told her she would be. She no longer lived in the shadows of self doubt because she was told “people are not going to like you because you have my name”.

The cycle was finally being broken, the healing was finally beginning and a new life of transparency was being revealed. The guilt and shame that had to be broken through was undeniable and at one point death was chosen over life.

Sunday mourning can be replaced with morning. “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy is coming in the morning”.

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